How to Remove Mould From Fabric 2022

How to Remove Mould From Fabric 2022

Although quite unpleasant to discover, finding mould on clothes, cushions and other fabric surfaces is a common occurrence; whether you’ve accidentally been storing fabric in a damp wardrobe, didn’t dry your towels out properly before putting away or even left your clothes in the washing machine a bit too long, it doesn’t take long for mould to develop. Even though black spots of mould are unsightly, thankfully learning how to remove mould from fabric is a relatively easy task - even for those new to fabric care!

How to Remove Mould Stains From Fabric

So, you’re ready to remove black mould from your fabric, but where do you start? There’s several ways to remove black mould from fabric, giving you a few choices to try if your first solution doesn’t work straight away! Whatever you choose to remove your mould stains with, it’s important to always be cautious and treat a small area of fabric before treating the stain to see if you’ll suffer from discolouration or damage.

Bleach is one of the most common ways to remove mould from fabric. For the easiest solution, buy a pre-mixed solution to ensure the right concentration, pre-treat your fabric in the solution and wash in the washing machine as usual. In some cases you can even add bleach to your washing machine directly, but always check the label on the specific product you buy. Be careful when using with coloured fabrics as bleach is well known for fading or completely removing colours!

Another effective solution to killing mould is to use white distilled vinegar. Affordable, easy to source and a great first choice for removing mould stains from fabric, white distilled vinegar has antibacterial, and more importantly, anti-fungal properties. Make sure to dilute your vinegar, roughly one cup to a bucket of water, and soak the affected fabric before washing at the hottest temperature that your fabric can handle! Alternatively, as with bleach, you can add white vinegar to your washing machine directly in order to attack the mould stain directly.

Whether you choose one of the above solutions or another home remedy, treat your fabric carefully and wash before checking your mould problem - after treating the stain and some sunlight to help finish the job, you will have removed the mould from your fabric!

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